Hike Colorado!

One of our favorite things to do is get out and enjoy the beauty that Colorado has to offer. In some places we have lived there have been limited choices on where to go. Colorado offers the opposite problem!

We decided we wanted a day hike not too far from home. That narrowed things down to a few thousand, so while trying to search for a specific hike we stumbled on to a fantastic tool – the AllTrails app.

AllTrails boasts “50,000+ trails. 8 million explorers. Endless memories.” The free version did the trick for us, but advanced features are available with an upgrade. 

We were quickly able to select a hike, get directions and get going! Once we hit the trailhead AllTrails kept us on track as we monitored our progress. With so many intersecting trails we could have wound up lost, but instead always knew exactly where we were going.

Along the way there were beautiful vistas, mountain flowers and wildlife. AllTrails let us chronicle our hike and even post pics that linked to exactly where we were on the trail. I we ever have a chance to meet the app’s developers we definitely owe them a beer. This is one great app!

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